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A cozy whodunnit? in the Agatha Christie tradition.

About Clay Waters

Clay's short stories and poetry have appeared in The Santa Barbara Review, Morpheus Tales, Abyss & Apex, Liquid Ohio, Literal Latte, and many other publications. His music, book, and movie reviews have featured in the New York Post, National Review Online, Human Events, The American Enterprise, and PJ Media.

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The year is 1924. Gwendolyn Parks, the blind young heiress of Pibble, a grand house outside London, has miraculously regained her eyesight after a tumble down the stairs after a dinner party. But it's no cause for celebration. For Gwen did not fall -- she was pushed, by someone at the party. Yet she tells no one, relying upon the miracle of her reclaimed eyesight to solve the mystery herself.

But which of the guests gathered around her table that night could possibly wish her dead?

Geoffrey, her childhood friend? Lovesick Dr. Dobbs? Family solicitor Alistair Browne? Amanda Lustig, the oh-so-proper antique dealer? And why? Add a jealous local beauty, a surly housemaid, and a suspicious-acting fiancé
to the list and it's clear that if Gwen wishes to see another dawn, she must first look Death in the Eye.

Death in the Eye